Historic Restoration Projects

Thompson Hall

Durham, NH

Owner: University of New Hampshire
Architect: Goody Clancy Architecture, Boston
General Contractor: Shawmut Design & Construction, Boston
Completion Date: 2006

Work included: Restoration of the weather vane and three faced E. Howard clock in the tower of this historic structure built in 1893 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Thompson Hall, known as "T-Hall" on campus, underwent a $5 million restoration project.

Thompson Hall

Conway Public Library

Conway, NH

Owner: Town of Conway, NH
Completion Date: 2005

Work included: Restoration of three 5' diameter wood clock dials with new hands, numerals and minute marks finished in 23K gold leaf.

Clock is a George Stevens and was previously restored and is still mechanically wound.

Hillsborough Town Clock

Hillsborough, NH

Owner of Clock: Town of Hillsborough, NH

Smith Memorial Congregational Church

Work included: Restoration of four 6' diameter wood clock dials with new hands, numerals and minute marks finished in 23K gold leaf.

Clock is an E. Howard #2 flatbed striker.

PSNH Energy Park

PSNH Energy Park

Owner: Public Service of New Hampshire (Eversource)

Designer: Philip D'Avanza
Completion Date: 2004
This clock was removed from the Garvins Falls Hydro Plant in Bow, NH during the 1980's. The clock featured a 30" glass dial in the peak of the roof and a 26" wood dial below in the power plant.

Work included: Restoration of the E. Howard clock mechanism, including cutting a new pinion gear for the escape wheel. Design and build an auto rewind system. Change the drive for the 26" clock face from below the clock to above the clock. Design and build the show case and install and set-up the system.

The clock can be viewed by visitors in the lobby of the Energy Park on Canal Street just below the Amoskeag Falls.

Groton Meeting House

Groton Meeting House

Owner: First Parish of Groton Massachusetts

Old Groton Meeting House features an 1809 James Ridgeway flat bed clock striking on an 1819 Paul Revere and Son bell. This clock is featured in Early American Tower Clocks by Frederick Shelley. This is the only known clock built by Ridgeway. James is believed to have worked with Abel Stowell who created and installed the first flatbed tower clock in Worcester Massachusetts.

Completion Date: 2019

Work included: Complete restoration with fabrication of a new bell striking hammer, frame repair, three new shafts, brass strike gears, strike regulator fan, gathering pallet and hour strike snail cam.


Hampton Town Clock

Hampton, NH

Owner: Town of Hampton
Completion Date: 2016
Overview: In 1897 John T. Brown presented E. Howard tower clocks to the towns of Hampton NH, Hampton Falls NH and Salisbury MA. The Odd Fellows Hall in Hampton that housed the town clock was destroyed by fire in 1990.

D'Avanza Clock Repair and Preservation Timber Framing worked together to design the new structure so that it would meet the needs of the clock and fit into the new location. Auto rewind systems were designed to preserve the original operation of the clock by weights which eliminate the need for long weight shafts and weekly winding. The reduced height of the structure allows the clock works and striking of the bell to be viewed at ground level.

Work included: Complete restoration including replacement of missing or damaged parts, auto rewind systems, three new clock faces and hands gilded with 23K gold leaf.

Odd Fellows Hall Fire
Installing New Hands
Installing New Hands