Tower Clock Repair Specialists in Connecticut

Tower clocks are a historic and beloved part of a community. Visible to visitors and locals alike, tower clocks are often an iconic part of a building. When such an important clock breaks or needs restoration, you need tower clock repair specialists that you can trust to efficiently and delicately repair your clock.

For tower clock restoration in Connecticut, turn to D'Avanza Clock Repair LLC. With over 40 years of clock repair experience, Philip D'Avanza has the technical and practical experience to fix or restore any tower clock.

Quality Repair and Restoration

At D'Avanza Clock Repair LLC, our background knowledge of clock creation and manufacturing allows us to ensure the quality of your timepiece. When you choose us, you choose clock repair specialists who give the utmost attention to the details of your clock. We prioritize the original workmanship of your clock, while also giving our attention to safety and modern updates.


D'Avanza Clock Repair LLC can address anything from historical preservation and consultation to custom installation of mechanical or electric tower clocks. We also cover anything from a hand and dial restoration to a complete repair and restoration of your tower clock. Whatever level of repair your tower clock needs, we can address any of your clock repair and restoration needs.

To learn more about our restoration and repair, contact D'Avanza Clock Repair LLC at (603) 497-2256.