Tower Clock Repair and Restoration in Massachusetts

Tower clocks are some of the most iconic structures in Massachusetts, but these amazing wonders don’t last forever. If you run or own a property with a tower clock, and you want it repaired or restored to run and look like new, contact D’Avanza Clock Repair, LLC. We offer tower clock repair and restoration all over Massachusetts, so we can help you out.

What We Can Do

You should be able to look up at the tower clock and take pride in its strong, attractive presence. However, that can be difficult to do if the clock doesn’t work or looks worn and old.


Our professionals know how these clocks work, inside and out, so we can come to your property and repair any problem that we find with the internal mechanisms. We’ll make sure the clock works perfectly.


If the clock works but looks worn, we can help with that too. We offer complete tower clock restoration, including hands and dials restoration and historic preservation. Contact us to see how we can improve the look of your clock without altering its original beauty.

We specialize in tower clock services, so if you need tower clock repair or restoration in Massachusetts, contact D’Avanza Clock Repair, LLC, today at (603) 497-2256.