PSNH Energy Park, Manchester, NH

Tower Clock Repair and Restoration

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 PSNH Energy Park
Manchester, NH

Owner: Public Service of New Hampshire
(Northeast Utilities)
Designer: Philip D'Avanza
Completion Date: 2004

This clock was removed from the Garvins Falls Hydro Plant in Bow, NH during the 1980's. The clock featured a 30" glass dial in the peak of the roof and a 26" wood dial below in the power plant.

Work included:

Restoration of the E. Howard clock mechanism, including cutting a new pinion gear for the escape wheel. Design and build an auto rewind system. Change the drive for the 26" clock face from below the clock to above the clock. Design and build the show case and install and set-up the system.

The clock can be viewed by visitors in the lobby of the Energy Park on Canal Street just below the Amoskeag Falls.


PSNH Energy Park Clock

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